CRM 2011 provides the following new capabilities for client side interactions:

  • New object model for programming
  • Support for multiple forms per entity, ability to show/hide UI elements
  • Introduction of new file depository called Web Resources.

Typical tasks performed using client-side programming include data validation, automation and process enhancement. Web Resources is the file depository that holds all the instructions for achieving these tasks.

Web Resources: It provides a way to store the files in Dynamics CRM database. Every item stored can be retrieved/accessed by URL address. The Web Resources are stored in the solution and hence can be exported and installed on any Dynamics CRM Deployment. Dynamics CRM 2011 supports 10 file formats and they are listed in the Type drop down while adding a Web Resource.



 It is a good practice to organize web resources in a folder structure so that they can be easily identified and managed. As an example all the Script files can be under “/scripts/”,  Images can be under “/images/” and so on.


Dynamics CRM 2011 performs client side validation to ensure that Upload File matches the Type selected. As in example below a client side validation is triggered for mismatched file type.


The URL field is populated once validation checks pass.


To access Web Resources from Default Solution go to Settings > Customizations and then click on Customize the System