In this article we look at ways of automating certain business processes while developing an xRM application on Dynamics CE platform. There are actions, workflows, business process flows and dialogues that can be used for the purpose of automating business processes. For Dynamics CE Online Microsoft Flow is gaining more traction for achieving business process automation and this will be covered in a separate article at a later stage.

Business Process Flows (BPF):

  • Key focus is to ensure that the users consistently enter data and follow a set process to complete the transaction.
  • Contained in a custom entity and a record will be created within this entity for each user initiated process. Business Process Flows can span more than one entity as long as there is 1:M relationship between the two entities.

Steps for Creating Business Process Flow:

In the illustrative sample we look at implementing process flow for the following scenario against “Lead” Entity. Every step of the process flow will be a Stage.

Stages Identified to implement Business Process Flow:

  • A new application details are entered – Stage > Submission
  • The details are reviewed – Stage > Review
  • Application Decision (Approve/Reject) – Stage > Decision




The process flow designer window provides components to implement flow.


The components of the designer include Stage, Condition for orchestration and Data Step, Workflow providing input values for the flow.

Designing Stage(s)


Now define the mandatory data elements required for the Submission stage


Once the fields are entered in the Submission stage the next step will be Review Stage


Add a Condition component (If … Else)  for Creating a Member Record (For Approved Application) / send notification for Rejected Application

  1. Condition to check for Creating a Member Record


2. Condition to check for sending notification for Rejected Applications


3. Validate and Activate the Business Process Flow



How does the above designed Business Process Flow work?

Create a new Prospect Record the UI will display a flow interface with the “Submission” stage marked Active.



Once Submission Stage is complete Next Stage will take to “Review”