In the article we explored setting up a Azure Virtual Network (VNet), subnets within a VNet. This article will briefly run through the steps involved in creating Azure Virtual Machines within various subnet(s).



The steps below are for creating AZ-FE01 Azure VM and will be similar for other VM’s that need to be provisioned. From the AzurePortal click on Create a resource under Azure Services






Click on Review and Create and Azure VM will be provisioned.

Every Azure VM provisioned will have a Public IP Address and Private IP Address.

Private IP Address is used for communication between other Azure resources within a SubNet, across subnets within the boundary of Azure VNet.

Public IP Address is used to facilitate access to the Virtual Machine from internet. For RDP connections to the VM the default port is 3389. For the purposes of the lab set up we will allow RDP connection to Management JumpBox (AZ-MGMT01) only. This follows a pattern similar to On-premises setup.

Once the deployment is complete the properties of AZ-FE01 can be viewed and modified as required.