In article we looked at how connection to CRM On-Premise can be established using Spkl  Task Runner. For developing Plugins, Workflows it is a common  to have early bound classes. CrmSvcUtil.exe facilitates generating early bound classes the same can be achieved using Spkl Task Runner.

The batch file earlybound.bat will create the *.cs files as per settings defined in spkl.json file


As per the settings defined the following will be expected output when earlybound.bat is run:

  • A single file name SbmaEarlyBoundTypes.cs containing definitions for entities specified
  • Namespace for the various classes will be SBMA.Crm.Entities
  • One *.cs file will be generated for every entity because of the setting “oneTypePerFile : true”, this can be set to false if the preference is work with only one *.cs file for all the entity type definitions

Right Click on the spkl folder and bring up the command prompt (if using VS 2019  install the extension Web Essentials 2019 so the command prompt can be launched from Visual Studio IDE)



Now run earlybound.bat



The created types is as highlighted below: