In the article we looked at defining GPO for setting up Dynamics CRM platform. The various service account(s) required for the installation of CRM platform will map to the AD groups as per the table below:

Service Account AD Group Membership
svc-crm-app svc-crm-app
svc-crm-async svc-crm-async
svc-crm-deploy svc-crm-deploy
svc-crm-install svc-crm-install
svc-crm-monsrv svc-crm-monsrv
svc-crm-sbox svc-crm-sbox
svc-crm-vss svc-crm-vss

For SQL Instance the AD group membership(s) for SSRS, database is as per table below:

svc-sql-agent svc-sql-agent
svc-sql-database svc-sql-database
svc-sql-reporting svc-sql-reporting