Dynamics 365 CE portal users can be anonymous, customers/partners, admin users with varying access permissions and type of resources accessed include content, data.

Anonymous Users: Should be given minimal amount of access.

Customers/Partners: Should be able to logon and modify the data

Admin Users: Have access to information to enable decision-making process.

Two modes of Authentication are supported for Dynamics 365 portal

  • Local Authentication: Implemented using forms based authentication (FBA) model and the user will be a Contact record in Dynamics 365 CE instance
  • External Authentication: Uses ASP.NET Identity API model and authentication is performed using third-party IDP (Identity provider) for example Azure AD, Google etc.

Authentication using System User:

A system user having access to Dynamics 365 CE instance organization will be an Azure AD user.

Example scenario:

Portal URL https://spaceflight.powerappsportal.com

Login User: girishs@idyconsulting.onmicrosoft.com


Click on Azure AD and logon


It should now redirect to the home page


Authentication using Local Account (Contact Record):


Note Email has to be unique for every registered user. Once successfully registered the user will appear as a contact in CRM


The password entered during registration will be stored as a hash and this can be viewed from using Advanced Find


The following solutions must be present in the Dynamics 365 CE Instance/Org for the portal authentication to work, by default they are installed once portal is provisioned.