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Microsoft 365 Admin Center will provide the ability to create users requiring access to Dynamics 365 CE.

In the screen snap shot below there are two users one without a Dynamics 365 CE licence


Of the two users listed above user “John Smith” has no license assigned and hence cannot access Dynamics 365 CE apps. Logging on to https://portal.office.com using jsmith@idyconsulting.onmicrosoft.com will display the following landing page.



Product licenses can be allocated/managed from Microsoft 365 admin center


Azure AD view for the above two user(s):

Within Azure AD admin portal the users will have the following roles assigned



From the above we can look up Assigned roles, Groups etc. The Global Administrator role provides capability to manage all aspects of Azure AD, Services that use Azure AD identities. Within Dynamics 365 CE a Azure AD user with Global Administrator role will have the following roles assigned to the instance.

  • Common Data Service User
  • System Administrator




For solution management and other aspects of customization assign “System Customizer” role.

Office 365 admin roles related to Microsoft Dynamics 365

  • Global Admin: Provides administrative features to Office 365 suite of services. By default initial signing account will be global admin and additional administrators can be added.
  • Billing Administrator: To manage all aspects of subscription
  • User Management Administration: For password resets, service health monitoring, user account provisioning.
  • Dynamics 365 Administrator: To manage Dynamics 365 at the tenant level without the need of having a Global Admin role assigned to user.