In this series of exploring Dynamics CRM platform I will walk through the steps involved in Installing and Configuring CRM 2015 on a multi-server deployment model where by the CRM roles are split up between different server(s). The deployment configuration is as shown below. The roles available in CRM 2015 platform are detailed here


The configuration of the various servers for the above deployment are as listed in the table below the steps regarding installation of O/S, setting up domain and other properties can be obtained from Windows Server 2012 Test Lab guide located here:

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DEV-DC01 (DC) > This VM is the Domain Controller for the dev.local . The instructions for setting up Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) can be obtained from Window Server 2012 Test Lab guide located here. The Domain Controller also has DNS Server role and entries look like the one shown below:


DEV-EX01 (Exchange Server) > This VM has Exchange Server 2013 installed for utilizing the E-mail Capabilities of the CRM platform. The installation steps for Exchange Server 2013 on Windows Server 2012 R2 is listed here

DEV-AF01 (AD FS Server) > This VM has Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) role installed and configured using SSL cerfiticate In a separate post I will detail the installation steps involved in configuring AD FS.

DEV-CS01 (AD CS Server) > This VM has Active Directory Certificate Services (AD CS) role installed and purpose is to issue SSL certificates based on templates. In a separate post I will detail the steps involved configuring AD CS role and also issuing certificates.

DEV-WFE01,DEV-DM01 > This set of VM’s are specific to installation of CRM 2015 platform.

DEV-DB01 (Database) > This VM has installation of SQL Server 2012 as required for CRM 2015 platform