UI Enhancements:

  • No more left-side navigation menu, the items are moved to the top menu


  • Web Client uses Command bar


  • Bing Map Integration while entering Address information on a form
  • The interface flow now uses left-to-right consumption rather than the traditional top-to-bottom.
  • Records are automatically saved every 30 seconds. The status being displayed at the bottom right of the screen. Autosave works only after a new record has been first saved manually and then any subsequent edits are autosaved.
  • Image association to an entity record.
  • Business Process Flows(BPFs) enable utilization of guided business rules to the application.
  • BPF’s can be used on several out-of-box entities viz., Account,Email,Fax etc.
  • BPF’s on Custom entities can be used by enabling the option.


Benefits of BPF’s

  • Define the steps needed for desired outcome
  • Track where a particular record is in the process
  • Stage demarcation (a.k.a “stage-gating”) to enforce data entry before proceeding to next step
  • Maximum of 5 entities in a BPF
  • Maximum of 10 active BPF’s per entity and 30 states per BPF.
  • Controlled by security to enable editing of BPF to incorporate new rules in real time.