In Dynamics CRM platform there is clear distinction when it comes to management of security in CRM from how the user actually signs into the system. Dynamics CRM platform does not provide a password management or an authentication mechanism.

Once the users are authenticated into CRM system the following user maintenance functionality can be performed:

  • Create Users
  • Enable and Disable Users
  • Identify managers for Users
  • Create Teams
  • Delete Teams
  • Assign Users to Teams
  • Assign Security Roles to Users and Teams
  • Move Users and Teams between Business Units.

The User management function can be accessed by going to

Settings > Administration > Users


Every user needs to be attached to a security role. If they are not then the Dynamics CRM platform prompts the administrator to attach security roles otherwise further functions cannot be performed.


Example of creating a New Case and adding a Owner (User) without a Security Role attached.


There are two types of teams owner Teams and access Teams. 

Owner Team: Can be assigned Security Roles and therefore own records.

Access Team: Cannot have Security Roles and hence cannot own records.

Team Management feature is accessed from Security > Administration > Teams