Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2001 provides three deployment options:

  • On-premise: Organizations deploy Dynamics CRM in its own data center. If any users external to the organization need to access CRM then it needs to be configured for  internet-facing deployment (IFD)
  • Partner-hosted: Hosting partner will deploy Dyanmics CRM in their data center. IFD configuration is required for customer access.
  • Online: Microsoft hosts Dynamics CRM in their own data center.

The following table summarizes the difference(s) in available features in On-premise and Online deployment scenarios:


The Development life cycle of Dynamics CRM in an organization consists of configuring and customizing the CRM as new requirements come in from various business areas. Three CRM deployments will be ideal for Development, UAT and Production. The Infrastructure scenarios include:

Single Server Environment:


Multiple Server Environment: