Dynamics CRM 2011 provides out-of-the-box Import Data Wizard tool, other third party tools that can be used for this task include Scribe Insight or C360 Import Manager. The following file types are supported:

  • XML Spreadsheets (.xml)
  • Simple Text (.csv or .txt)
  • Zip files (.zip)

For all of the above each file size cannot exceed 8 Mb and for Zip file the total size cannot be more than 32 Mb.

The Data Management function under System gives the option to generate the Templates required for data import. The workbook format must be compatible with XML Spreadsheet 2003.

Access to Data Management function



Tasks that can be performed under Data Management













Duplicate Data Detection Capability: There is out-of-the box capability to handle and detect duplicate data. This is a two step-process:

  • Enable Duplicate Data Detection
  • Specify a Duplicate Detection Rule. The Rules specified have an implicit AND condition and are combined into a matchcode. The matchcode for new and updated records are created every five minutes and has a character limit of 450.
  • The rules are to be published for it to be effective.

Some of the limitations of Duplication Detection Rules:

  • Detection can only occur after the matchcode is created. This means if same record is entered within five minutes of the creation of matchcode then CRM cannot detect the duplicate record.
  • By default Duplicates are not detected during synchronization this is the scenario when Dynamics CRM for Outlook goes from offline to online mode.